Tips & Tricks



What images can I use to create my own Pinpaper?

You can use any images of a suitable content which are currently stored in your Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest accounts.  If you are currently abiding by the content guidelines on these platforms, then your image content will be suitable to print with Pinpaper Press.

How many images are printed in a single Pinpaper?

It depends.  It is somewhere between 108 to 126 depending on their orientation and the specific array which is based on the social platform they come from.  If you do not have that number of admissible images in the album or pinboard you are printing, or if you have not yet created that many images for your Instagram feed, then our algorithm will automatically repeat the sequence of the available images to fill up the space.

Why are some of my images missing from my Pinpaper?

We set a minimum image width of 236px at resolution. If the missing image(s) is of a lower resolution, it may be excluded automatically to preserve the quality of the print. The other reason is that the image copyright holder may have elected to prevent that image from being included in prints at Pinpaper Press.  We take copyright very seriously and have set a new industry benchmark by allowing copyright holders to immediately exclude their images from our service if they so choose.

Can I upload images from my computer?

Yes, and no.  Pinpaper Press is built to tap directly into the kind of grabby image environments of the large social media platforms - where it's easy to upload and share but not so easy to extract. So, if you would like to use images on your computer, we suggest uploading them to one of Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest and then connecting to that location to bring the images into your session at Pinpaper Press.  Bear in mind, images you upload to these platforms will be public by default.  If the images you are uploading are of a private nature, or you don't want people to know you are making cool wrapping paper for them, then it is best to use Facebook.  Just create an album as usual, add the photos you wish to include, then instead of clicking Post/Publish, simply X-out of the album window - the album has been created but you will not have posted it to your timeline.  Then use your privacy settings to adjust who can and cannot see the images.   

I am a copyright holder and I do not want my images used by Pinpaper Press customers.

Fair enough.  We know that a lot of content creators love the idea of their images being used by customers who wish to make their next gift really special, but we realize some do not.  If you would like one of your images excluded from our service, please go to our Claim Your Copyright section and follow the instructions for image exclusion.