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TIPS – Message Tags & Logos for Your Pinpaper

One of the things that sets Pinpaper Press apart is the ability we provide for you to embed a personalized message tag or logo right into the actual artwork on your next Pinpaper.  Whether it's a cheeky note to Raise Your Glass next to artwork featuring your favorite cocktails or a more serious inclusion of your company's logo right alongside the portfolio shots of your team's work from the past year, taking some time to make the most out of this feature will really make for a delightfully memorable gift!

To make the most of this functionality, here are some tips to get you started:


  1. Take a look at the overall color of your Pinpaper artwork and figure out what the "average" color appears to be - in this case, we are seeing light pink, yellow, green, and blue tones.
  2. If you want it to blend in, then choose a background color in the same color family. If you want your message to stand out, then pick a background color that will contrast.
  3. The same is true for the text of your message.  If you selected a light background color, then a darker font will be needed to make the message visible.  And vice versa.
  4. You can also include a logo with your message but it will impact the number of characters you have left for your message, so best advice is that if you are including a logo, keep your message short and sweet
  5. Finally, have some fun with it!  Maybe it's an inside joke that only the recipient would understand, or an ironic contrast to the artwork you have chosen. The goal is to delight the recipient and let them know that they are worth your focus and consideration. In the end, there are no rules, no right or wrong. So get those social creative juices flowing and go for it!