Tips & Tricks


Facebook x Pinpaper Press

Make The Images From Your Own Social Network Part of Your Next Gift! 
  1. Go to your account page on Facebook
  2. Take a good look at your photos – do the sections marked "Your Photos" and "Albums" which are available for your use on Pinpaper Press contain the images you want? See more below
  3. Why not create albums specifically for the Pinpaper gift wrap you’re going to print? See more below
  4. Want to create an album for your Pinpaper projects without publishing it to your feed? See more below
  5. Want to rearrange your images so they appear in a certain order in your Pinpaper layout? See more below
  6. Be sure to tag us on Facebook @PinpaperPress with a photo of your final creation!

Don’t have a Facebook account yet? Take a look at our quick guide and sign up today!

Your Images, Not Your Tags. Here’s Why…

You can’t control who tags you in an image on Facebook. To help ensure that your privacy is preserved and that nobody else is actively using unintended tags to access images that may be private, we limit our service on Facebook to the images included in the "Your Photos" and "Albums" sections only.

Good Albums Mean Great Pinpaper!
  • The rule of thumb is “get organized!”
  • Think of the Your Photos section as just that – all the photos you have uploaded to Facebook
  • Review these photos and decide which photos you want to include in which albums, then simply transfer them over to your Albums section
  • Keep your Albums organized by event, trip, theme, whatever you like
  • That way, when you want to turn an Album into Pinpaper, you will be ready to go!
Stealth Mode
  • Facebook likes to post your activity to your timeline
  • That’s great most of the time, but if you are making an Album for use at Pinpaper Press, it may be for a surprise gift, so posting to your timeline may not be ideal
  • Just select Only Me in your view setting before you click Post and nobody will ever know your new Album has been created
  • Shhh…stealth wrapping paper is the best!
Rearrange Your Images For Print
  • Facebook allows you to drag your album images into any order you like
  • Have some fun laying the images out the way you want
  • Our Pinpaper Press algorithm will recognize the order of your images and use it for your wrapping paper layout
Tag Us To Win!
  • In the caption of the image or post simply type the “@” symbol followed by “pinpaperpress”
  • pinpaperpress should turn into blue clickable link. This will ensure that we see the post and that you are entered for a chance to win FREE wrapping paper!