Tips & Tricks


Pinterest x Pinpaper Press

All the best images from all around the web… and part of your next gift!
  1. Go to your account page on Pinterest
  2. Take a good look at your pinboards – are they organized in a way that makes sense to you? See more below
  3. You can get really creative with all those images. Do you have some themes you plan to explore for your Pinpaper projects? See more below
  4. Did you know that you can actually access any public pinboard on Pinterest? See more below

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Good Pinboards Mean Great Pinpaper!
  • Pinterest is a fantastic counterpart to Pinpaper Press because it is already all about organization
  • Pinboards are simply folders that you create based on themes or topics you select
  • So, create new pinboards for your upcoming Pinpaper Press projects, or use the one you already have
  • Did you know that you can actually access any public pinboard on Pinterest?
  • Keep in mind that Pinpaper Press can only connect you to the pinboards you make public – private stays private
Visual Consistency Is Your Secret Weapon!
  • We have noticed a few things about making our own wrapping paper with Pinpaper Press – consistency is key
  • Pick a theme for your images and stick to it – doesn’t matter what it is, just make it consistent
  • While being consistent, have fun – maybe your consistent theme is a thing (like antique phones if you are giving someone a new iPhone), or a color (like all sorts of things which are red if you are giving someone a bottle of red wine), you get the idea
Use Pinterest Search To Your Advantage!
  • Pinterest is unique among the social platforms in that it has an image search function
  • Search for a term, find a pinboard you like and then look for the pinners public username
  • Then just connect to that username when you start your Pinpaper Press project and look for that pinboard you liked
  • All images publicly visible on Pinterest are eligible for inclusion in your print unless the pinner has opted certain images out of our service