Our Story


Pinpaper Press was created by design entrepreneurs Andrew & Anna Hellman in 2016 and is based in Norwalk, CT just north of NYC. The couple are best known as co-founders and creative directors of the award-winning design brand Teroforma. It was actually in the process of preparing for a Teroforma design meeting in Spring 2015 that the couple came up with the idea for Pinpaper Press.

As any designer or visual marketer knows all too well, there is no good way to get those mood board images you’ve collected on social media off your screen and onto the wall to support brainstorming and discussion. So Andrew & Anna were in their studio on a Saturday morning going through the painful process of screenshotting, snipping, clipping, cutting, taping, pasting, and thumbtacking the loads of images they had collected in their social accounts onto their wall for the product development meeting. When they stepped back to survey their work, as you can see from the image above of their studio wall on that day, it was pretty obvious that the images were too small to be very useful for an all-hands meeting with their designers and product developers.

Andrew’s take was “we’ll be inspired, but blind.” Anna’s reaction was a bit more prophetic: “you’re right, but that sure would make great wrapping paper...”

Sometimes it’s in the saying, sometimes it’s in the hearing. Either way, Andrew & Anna began work that same week on the concept that would eventually become Pinpaper Press, slowly adding other designers from their team and coders and developers from their network to bring their idea to life over the course of about 15 months.

The result is what you see today. A starting point for a more socially creative web, a way to use all those social media images in real life, and a better way to create the perfect gift.

It’s just the beginning.